Uber Turns 5

Uber's 5-year anniversary celebrated the riders, drivers, and employees who made this milestone possible. The campaign reached all audiences through various touchpoints: employee swag, an event for drivers and press, a gift for the executives, a week of daily stunts in San Francisco, and global emails to riders and drivers. The parallel lines of the campaign mark signifies the journey Uber commemorated, evokes a sense of movement reminiscent of the product experience, and suggests the path to the future. This project was executed on a 4-week timeline.

Winner, Communication Arts Typography Annual 6

Designed at Uber, 2015
Role: Design Lead, Concept, Design, Production
ECD: Andrew Crow
Copywriter: Spencer Rinkus
Event: Molly DeShazo

Email Dev: Matt Byrd, Jeremy Lermitte
Printing and Fabrication: Colorbar

Employee Desk Drop

On the morning of the anniversary, we coordinated a desk drop for 3000+ global employees. We made an 80-page book that highlights some of the greatest moments throughout the company's first five years, and handed out totes and tees, too.


Uber held an event for press, drivers, and employees in the San Francisco headquarters. Large illuminated '5' signs were fabricated to hang throughout the space, and illuminated '5' cubes decorated tabletops.


Executive Gift

The jitney cab was one of the first disruptors in the taxicab industry. Though originally a success, jitney cabs ultimately failed due to suffocating regulations. Although Uber has faced its own challenges, the team’s commitment has helped it avoid the jitney cab's fate. We created a print of the jitney for Uber's executive leadership. It is entirely white—a blind sculptural emboss—designed to serve as a reminder of the industry’s roots and the invisible transportation network that’s made modern history.


San Francisco Week of Stunts

During the week of the anniversary, Uber's San Francisco riders and drivers were treated to daily stunts. On Monday, uberX riders might be treated to a ride on a trolley, Lamborghini, or in Bentley. On Tuesday, an invitation to a free screening of Mrs. Doubtfire at the Castro Theatre. On Wednesday, Uber rented out San Francisco restaurant Lazy Bear for 50 lucky riders. On Thursday, riders could receive a throwback stunt from years past: Christmas tree delivery, a Mariachi band, Uber Kittens, cashPOOL, or serenades. And on Friday, free tickets to a private Misterwives concert at Broadway Studios. These icons communicated the daily stunts throughout the week in emails and on social channels.

Global Rider & Driver Emails

To commemorate the anniversary and engage with rider and driver audiences, we sent each rider and driver personalized statistics of their history on the Uber platform. It was wildly popular and was considered the company's most successful email to date. It also sparked extensive peer-to-peer bragging on social platforms.


@Uber we've only been together for
2.5 years but I want to be the first in

the relationship to say I love you. 



Hey @Uber A+ use of data on your
latest email campaign! I had no idea
I've taken 151 trips in 5 cities


I've never seen a campaign that sparked
more peer-to-peer bragging than
@Uber's "Places You've Been" email



A haiku: on your email geek
with animations, on fleek
won't click spam this week


Data as Content = Awesome
I've taken 389 @Uber rides in 21
cities over 33 months



 I LOVE getting stats like this. My
@Uber city is Seattle. I've taken 339
rides in 6 cities over 47 months.