Uber Rebrand

Uber began six years ago as a way for 100 friends in San Francisco to get luxury rides—everyone’s private driver. Today, Uber is a transportation network spanning 450 cities in over 70 countries. That network delivers food and packages, as well as people, all at the push of a button. As Uber evolved into a global company with a wide range of products, the old visual identity no longer represented the company it had become. We set out to create a dynamic, expressive new identity that could grow with the company.

I was part of the small team that worked on Uber's rebrand. Specifically, I led the effort to develop a scalable framework for color and pattern as well as designing color palettes and patterns for the 70+ countries where Uber operates. The rebrand is presented in case studies on Behance: the Visual Identity Framework case study and the Color and Pattern Framework case study.

Read more about the process in Wired.

Designed at Uber, 2015-2016
Role: Design, Lead Designer for Color and Pattern Framework
CD: Shalin Amin
Designers: Roger Oddone, James Bamford, Donald Wong, Mirtho Prepont, Bryant Jow, Lian Ng, Matt Riley