Uber Poster Series

Small and medium-sized Uber offices needed a way to brand their spaces in an inspiring, cost effective, and easy-to-install way. This poster series is inspired by the foundation of Uber's brand story, Bits and Atoms. It explores using the Bit (square) and Atom (circle) as open windows through which uniquely colored lines—representing trips—pass through. We used split fountain screenprinting technique to achieve the colorful gradients.

Designed at Uber, 2017
Role: Concept, Design, Production
Design Manager: Nikolai Cornell
Screenprinted with Mama's Sauce

Catherine-Ray_Environmental-Branding-Posters-04 copyCatherine-Ray_Environmental-Branding-Posters-04 copy
Catherine-Ray_Environmental-Branding-Posters-03 copyCatherine-Ray_Environmental-Branding-Posters-03 copy