Audi Test Drive & Delivery

Audi needed to create unique brand experiences that would increase the number of return customers. After spending weeks at Audi dealerships with customers, we saw the opportunity to impact two important moments of the buying experience: test drive and delivery. Wanting to infuse luxury and personalization into these moments, we developed a suite of customer-centered tools dealership employees could easily implement to heighten a customer’s connection to the brand, dealership and salesperson.

The program was rolled out nationally in 2014. Audi has moved from 12th to 2nd in JD Power CSI scores and Polk loyalty has increased by 6%.

Designed at VBP Orange, 2014
Role: Strategy, Concept, Art Direction and Design, Production
Design Director: Marc Woollard
Strategists: Mara Zemon, Mitra Pai, Allison Solomsom

Improving the Test Drive

The test drive is the beginning of a customer's journey. To help customers find the right Audi for them, our team developed The Audi Fitting. Inspired by Audi's racing heritage, the Audi Fitting brings driving practices born on the track into every test drive experience. We worked with a professional driver at Sonoma's Audi Sportscar Experience to develop content for the Audi Fitting and train dealership employees on how to use it to help fit their customers to cars.

Catherine-Ray_Audi-Test-Drive-Delivery_0000_Fitting GuideCatherine-Ray_Audi-Test-Drive-Delivery_0000_Fitting Guide

Improving the Delivery Experience

After successfully negotiating a luxury car purchase, customers expect a certain level of refinement and respect in the remainder of the process. We designed three elements that dealerships could easily incorporate into the delivery process to make it more personal and meaningful for their customers. A folder clearly signals to dealership employees that a customer has just made a car purchase and congratulations are in order. A hangtag welcomes the customer and feeds the customer’s pride of ownership. And the iconic moment when the new keys are handed to the customer is transformed from a mere transaction to a ceremony. Red pops in the neutral dealership setting, and a pattern design specifically for this suite adds continuity to the experience.

Catherine-Ray_Audi-Test-Drive-Delivery_0004_All PiecesCatherine-Ray_Audi-Test-Drive-Delivery_0004_All Pieces
Catherine-Ray_Audi-Test-Drive-Delivery_0002_Box DetailCatherine-Ray_Audi-Test-Drive-Delivery_0002_Box Detail
Catherine-Ray_Audi-Test-Drive-Delivery_0003_All Pieces TopCatherine-Ray_Audi-Test-Drive-Delivery_0003_All Pieces Top

This was a model for future projects. The group came up with four different items for test drive and delivery, at an extremely low cost that have had an unbelievable impact on the customer. And since no capital improvements were needed, all Audi dealers can participate in this program and get results.

Thom Rockey, General Manager, Paul Miller Audi