Catherine is a multidisciplinary designer and creative leader. She is currently the Head of Central Creative at The Walt Disney Company. Most recently, Catherine led development and implementation of brand systems as a Creative Director at Meta.

Catherine graduated from Duke University with a Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Psychology. She’s worked in a range of creative roles and types of design: agencies and in-house, as a hands-on designer and creative leader, on global and national brands, on marketing, brand, and product design teams, and managing multidisciplinary and globally distributed design groups. Regardless of the circumstances, she brings a strategic and organized approach to her work and leads with empathy.

Outside of her day job, Catherine is always eager to learn something new and stay connected to the craft of design. She is always making something and enjoys getting off the computer to work with her hands using linoleum, ink, gouache, indigo dye, watercolor, or cut paper in her backyard art studio.